As the trail grows towards the Patuxent River State Park, those living near the trail or users of the trail may raise concerns or ask questions about the trail. Below are a list of potential questions and their answers.

  1. Where is the trail going and when?

    The route of the trail in county park land is determined by employees of the Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission. It generally follows Seneca Creek. The route is determined one section at a time (a section of trail is usually a piece between two roads). Many factors go into determining where the route will go, such as; topography, low muddy areas, side streams, fragile areas, proximity to houses, safety, views, existing trails, etc. It will probably take a few more years before the trail is completed.
    Additional information may be obtained from:

    Lyn Coleman, Trails Supervisor
    County-Wide Planning Department
    Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission
    1109 Spring Street, 8th floor
    Silver Spring, MD 20910
    telephone: 301-650-4391

  2. Are bikes and horses allowed?

    For the sections of trail on state property (Potomac River to Route 355) some sections are open to bikes and horses. See the web page on Trail Descriptions for the details.

    The trail on county property (Route 355 to Patuxent River Park), is open to hikers, bikers, and equestrians.

  3. With whom are the trail volunteers affiliated?

    Volunteers are affiliated with the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Coalition, a volunteer group that works directly with the M-NCPPC and State Park Rangers to monitor the trail and do simple maintenance.


This page was last updated on 1.30.05