Davis Mill Preservation Project


The project was carried out in 2005. It accomplished the following:
  1. Create a parking area for three cars off Davis Mill Road.
  2. Clear pathways to the mill ruins and the overflow dam on the mill run.
  3. Remove vegetation in and around the foundation.
  4. Restore the two dry stone walls embedded in the banks.
  5. Restore the fallen over wall by putting footings in place and restoring the stone wall using cement for mortar.
  6. Provide a historic landmark sign at the Davis Mill Rd. parking area.
  7. Provide an interpretative sign at the ruins site.


This project was approved by the Montgomery County Parks Department and was be implemented by volunteers. The Goshen Mills Chapter of the D.A.R. has adopted this project and will provide volunteers to help carry it out. Also, the Goshen Historical Preservation Society and the Goshen Civic Association provided volunteers and publicity for the project. The volunteers working at the site were under the direction of Frank Ierardi. Contact: Frank Ierardi .

Davis Mill Davis Mill

Davis Mill foundation wall and mill site - May 28 2005

wall rocks hole
Rocks from a four foot section of wall are laid out and a hole for the footing dug. - May 28, 2005

hole wall
The first footing is poured. - June 1, 2005. . . . Cement gets mixed. - June 4, 2005

wall rocks hole

While James prepares rocks for the wall, Barbara, Bonnie and Earl clear the path to the ruins. - June 4, 2005

wall rocks hole

The parking area and pathway are open and the restored stone wall starts to grow. - June 4, 2005

site cleanup volunteers

Volunteers clear the mill site of vegetation. Cindy, Mary, and Aisha stood still long enough for a picture. - June 11, 2005

cement volunteers

Larry mixes another batch of cement
and the wall gets a little taller. - June 11, 2005

site cleanup

The mill site appears from the vegetation. - June 11, 2005

cement volunteers

Thanks to the 18 volunteers who helped out. - June 18, 2005

cement volunteers
More volunteers. - June 18, 2005

cement volunteers
... and more volunteers - June 18, 2005

cement volunteers

Volunteers and the path to the ruins- June 18, 2005

cement volunteers

The ruins and the still growing wall - June 18, 2005

cement volunteers

Volunteers uncovered the 4th wall and more stone is added to the wall.- June 25, 2005


An unidentified artifact is found. - June 25, 2005

cement volunteers

Volunteers continue working as the wall nears completion - July 2, 2005

cement volunteers

Thanks to the volunteers who showed up to help lift the heavy capstones into place. After some cement work, the wall is completed - July 9, 2005

corner back

speech flag

Oct. 15 - At the dedication of the historic marker, Commissioner John Robertson addresses the assembly and the procession to the marker.

corner corner

The marker is unveiled and the descendents of John Davis and other mill owners at the historic marker.


corner corner

May 7, 2006 Work to reset the stones at the corner of the mill foundation progresses.


May 13, 2006 The corner wall is restacked and ready for the cap stone.


May 27, 2006 The cap stone is lifted into place. Thanks Chris, Frank, Keith, and Larry.



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