Trail Description
Goshen Branch Side Paths

There are two side paths going along each side of Goshen Branch and terminating close to where Brink Road crosses Goshen Branch, the site of the Goshen Mills. These paths are not part of the county's trail system but are neighborhood paths.

Right Bank Side Path (facing upstream) (0.6 miles)

This is a 15 minute walk through a sparsely treed area of grass and skunk cabbage that terminates at an ancient white oak tree. The tree, with a girth of 185 inches, is in the vicinity of 300 years old.

 stream The start is just after crossing the culvert over the drainage ditch. Turn right and stay on the narrow path that parallels the ditch. After a couple of hundred feet, the path comes out on a mowed pathway.
At about .2 miles you hop across a small stream. A tenth mile later bear left at the path junction, the other path goes up through the woods. After about 1/2 mile bear right at a path junction, the other patch crosses Goshen Branch. About a minute later you will be at the base of a grassy slope leading to a field. Here you bear left into the woods and do a little bushwhacking along a deer path. Within another minute you cross an old fence line and within 30 sec. are at the base of the oak.

Left Bank Side Path (facing upstream) (.9 miles)

This is another short walk along a grassy path through a sparsely treed area parallel to the creek. The path is not maintained and gets progressively worse until it ends in a boggy area.

To find the start coming from Brink Road, cross Goshen Branch and go for another two hundred feet until you reach the trail sign "To Brink Rd." Here you turn right along the grassy path. There are a few small trickles of water to hop across and some large sycamores along the way. A few side paths join the main path.



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