bridge near riffle ford rd Anyone may report a trail problem. An Observer/Reporter Volunteer should file a report at least three times a year on the section of the Greenway Trail he/she covers. A report should contain the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. A description of the problem.
  3. The nearest road to the problem and approximately how far in one has to walk to reach the problem.

Email this information to: CLICK HERE to file a problem report at

Report a problem to the State Ranger in charge of trails. Email State Ranger

The All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Problem

It is illegal to drive motorized vehicles on parkland. This has become an increasing problem along the Greenway Trail and side trails. Please report ATV's on county park land (route 355 and north) to the County Park Police at: 301-949-3010.
Report ATV's on state park land (south of Rt. 355) to the State Park Police at: 1-800-825-7275. If the problem persists, call the Sencea Creek State Park office at: 301-924-2127.

Trail Section
Date - Problem Description
River Road to Berryville Road
24 Sept. 16 - The trail is clear.
13 April 03 - The No Bikes sign has been removed from the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail sign at Berryville Road at the section of trail heading downstream.
Berryville Road to Berryville Road Side Trail
6 Sept. 16 - The trail is clear.
Berryville Road Side Trail to Rt. 28
5 Aug. 16 - The trail is clear.
Rt. 28 to Black Rock Mill
20 Sept. 17 - The trail is clear.
Black Rock Mill to Rt. 118
21 Sept. 17 - Branch from a tree is blocking the trail.
The trash pile near Rt.118 needs to be removed.

Rt. 118 to Riffle Ford Road
21 Sept/ 2017 - Two trees block the trail.

Riffle Ford Road to Clopper Road
21 Sept. 2017 - The trail is clear.

Clopper Road to Rt. 355
10 June 17 - The trail is clear.

Rt. 355 to Watkins Mill Road
10 June 17 - The trail is clear.

Watkins Mill Road to Brink Road
11 Mar. 17 - The trail is clear.

Brink Road to Huntmaster Road
11 Mar. 17 - The trail is clear.
Huntmaster Road to Magruder Branch
11 Mar. 17 - A small tree is across the trail about .3 miles upstream from Huntmaster Rd.
The bridge over Great Seneca Creek needs to be installed.
Magruder Branch Trail to Patuxent River Start Park
Trail needs to be built.
Magruder Branch Trail to Watkins Road
12 Oct. 15 - The trail is clear.
There are some muddy spots along the trail.
Watkins Road to Log House Road
12 Oct. 15 - The trail is clear.

Log House Road to Damascus Regional Park
11 Oct. 15 - Trail is clear.


This page was last updated on 2 Nov 2017