Pyles Mill History

also known as Lost Britches

ca. 1799 - 1900's

no remains but there is a slight trace of the mill tail run

Near a tributary to Ten Mile Creek, a branch of Little Seneca Creek. It is located where West Old Baltimore Road crosses the tributary. The mill site and mill tail run are on the south side of Old Baltimore Road and west of the tributary. In recent times, a pond has been built on the tributary on the south side of West Old Baltimore Road.

Ignatius Davis, Isaac Breathed, William Sellman, Horatio Trundle, William F. Pyles, Plummer Pyles, Isaac Davis.

Nov. 1742, 100 acres patented to Meredith Davis.
Oct. 4, 1777, Charles Davis sold the land to Ignatius Davis.
Feb. 12, 1799, it was advertised as a new mill on Ten Mile Creek. The mill house was about 55 ft. x 32 ft. two story building. Lower story was of stone, the upper story was frame. A pair of burrs and a pair of country stones were used. It had two overshoot wheels with a 23 ft. fall. There was an adjoining saw mill which worked with a flutter wheel under the same fall of water.
May 12, 1810, Ignatius Davis sold it to Levy Phillips.
May 2, 1818, Phillips sold it to Isaac Breathead for $5,000.
1831 tax assessment listed Willman Sellman as the owner.
Jan. 18, 1851, Willian Sellman conveyed the property to his sons Francis M. and Howard G. Sellman.
1853, sold to Horatio Trundle for $3,250.
June 2, 1860, sold to Willian F. Pyles and John Carlin.
1868, sold to George Robertson.
Feb. 14, 1874, sold to Isaac Davis.



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